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Our Services Include:

Navigating and Care Coordination Services

  • Accompany you to appointments; lend you support, get your questions answered, take notes, interpret information and instructions.
  • Assist when you move from one care facility to another or to home; make sure you have all the proper instructions, forms and medicines; make follow up appointments; and provide resources for your caretakers.
  • Clinical navigators help you understand your treatment plan; coordinate your care and act as your go-between with doctors, therapists, hospitals.
  • Explore your needs and explain your options for complementary/alternative medicine therapies.
  • Gather and organize your medical records so your doctor has your complete history.

No more missed appointments, missed opportunities,

or misunderstandings about treatment plans or medications.

Research Services

  • Research your diagnosis, provide you with explanations about all your treatment alternatives, discuss them with your physician.
  • Arrange for second opinions.
  • Medication reviews to prevent duplication, overdosing, conflicts between medications.
  • Shared decision making with your doctors to decide the best course of action for your health.
  • Defend your right to make your own decisions.

Eliminate the doubt and second guessing.

Planning Services

  • Prepare advanced directives, living wills, medical power-of-attorney, and do not resuscitate orders.
  • Mediate with family members who may resist your requests.
  • Notify health care providers of your wishes.

Take the burden off your family and friends.

Insurance and Claims Services

  • Evaluate your health insurance needs; demystify insurance plans and help you get the right coverage for you and your family.
  • Negotiate your denied claims or denied benefits.
  • Ensure you are not billed for services you did not receive.
  • Ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to under your insurance coverage.

Get what you paid for and

don't pay for things you don't need,

don't want, or didn't receive.