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      Who Needs a Health Advocate?


Anyone facing: 

   *complicated medical decisions 

    *uncertainty about their diagnosis 

    *treatment for a chronic condition  

    *possible surgery or hospitalization

    *transition to a new care facility - acute, skilled nursing, long-term care, or home

    *multiple medications from multiple doctors

    *denied medical claims

    *denied insurance benefits

    *end-of-life decisions

Anyone needing: 

    *a second opinion

    *someone to watch out for their best interest

    *someone to speak for them and ask questions

    *someone to make sense of the medical information and treatment recommendations

    *someone to go along on doctor visits or to the hospital or outpatient clinic

    *information about complementary medicine/alternative options

    *help understanding their insurance benefits and rights

    *assistance choosing the right insurance coverage

    *help preparing a medical power of attorney, living will, or do not resuscitate order

Caregivers who need help: 

    *coordinating care for their loved one

    *finding resources

    *deciphering and analyzing what the doctors said