What we do at MedSavvy is so unique and individualized that we offer several different service and price packages that we customize to meet your needs. We will discuss these with you at your initial free consultation.


• Project based - often used for researching diagnosis and treatment options,  medical  record reviews, medication reviews and reconciliation, evaluating potential insurance plans.

• Retainer - usually used for navigation and care coordination services. May be weekly, monthly, or longer as needed.

• % of savings - may be appropriate for bill reviews and negotiating denied claims.

For more information about paying for a private health advocate, we suggest you read these articles:

http://patients.about.com/od/caringforotherpatients/a/How-Much-Does-It-Cost-To-Hire-A-Private-Patient-Or-Health-Advocate.htm       and  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/12/health/12patient.html?_r=1

Our Fees

Our promise - peace of mind

We serve our clients, and only our clients. Your doctor's practice or your insurance company might have patient advocates available. And those advocates may do a good job. But they will always be watching out for their #1 - the person or company that pays them.  You will not be their primary concern!

At MedSavvy our complete allegiance is to you! Not to any doctor, hospital, special interest group, or insurance company.   We have no conflicts of interest. MedSavvy focuses exclusively on you and your needs. But, this also means your insurance company will not pay for our services. 

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